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                                                                  Artist Statement



My resource of inspiration and images comes from my memories and experience. A girl with a colorful band on her head, a girl dress, home, crutches and animals that are hybridization of scary creatures. This kind of imagery continually appears in my work in drawing, sculpting and installations.

Usually I work in series. For example, I take greaseproof paper, tear it to pieces and layer it in a free and expressive way to dry. Those dried paper sheets, at the end of the process, becomes fragile, crispy and have a new look of wrinkled skin which I draw delicately with ink and pen, and embroider with red thread. Another work series that can shed light on my works consists of drawings made by using embroidery red thread, and placed in glass boxes. The hard and stiff look contradicts the delicate appearance and content. I did a similar process on paper doilies which by using drawing, embroidery and pearls becomes an installation of beauty which opposes the painful meaning of the work. Another series of works that names "Flower of Life" combines models of dead animals made of ceramics, with many colorful objects, which again contradict the content.

All over the years, my working process creates an archive of memories, which is hard to determine if they are true or false.

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